Clinique Lip Repair

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What a great day to be alive

When you have tons of lip care products to test out. I recently attended a Clinique Workshop and managed to try tons of their cool products. They graciously allowed me to pick a few to take home and I, being me, picked the whole set of lip treatments/colours to perfect the look.

No #1: Repairware Lip Balm
No #2: Icon Pop 02
No #3: Quick Lip Liner

I think these colours are so perfect for a night out -- think LBD with red lips.

No #1: Repairware Lip Balm

It's literally glorious - yes. I have really dry lips by nature - heck, my make up artist friend once said that my lips look so dry, they look like wrinkly elephant feet (like.. whutttt??!). One fantastic tip is to put thin layer of lip balm before applying any form of lip colour. This helps to smoothen out the creases especially. This intensive lip treatment helps repair the look of wrinkles on and around lips. It apparently has a layer of antioxidant protection against the environment and boosts natural collagen production. 

No #2: Icon Pop 02

Matte lips are love. But they're usually so drying (--also another reason why I need balm before colour). Surprisingly, though, this lip colour was weightless yet pigment-saturated- but not "lip cracking", if you know what I mean. It claims to last for about 8 hours but I would discount that a tad bit ;) It's built-in primer helps smooth lips for an easy, even glide every time.

No #3: Quick Liner 06 (Intense Cranberry)

One thing I've learnt from being probably the laziest person in the the world is that lip liners does wonders. You know why? When you're lazy to bring out that lip stick with you for the entire day, you put on lip liner to give the illusion that the colour is on throughout (ha ha) #lifehack.

For make up idiots like me, define lips or smooth all over lips before lipstick application for extended wear. It's non-drying and helps keep your lipstick in place. You don't need to sharpen it but it's always so precise.
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