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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

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Say hello to the Online Trading Academy~!

I've been really career minded recently- kid you not. Ever since I started work, all I've been thinking about is adulting. One thing, for sure, is that people have been telling me NOT leave my money in banks because banks don't help you beat inflation.

Which brings me to the point - doesn't it puzzle you that all the major financial decisions in life are not covered in school? *What is our education system doing?! But that's a whole other discussion for a different time*

Anyway, was recently invited to a 1 day course by OTAcademy -- Online Trading Academy to understand how to make smart financial decisions. During the course, they covered such interesting topics like Trading!! This is what went down during the course:

From the moment that we stepped into the class, we were amazed by the classroom because of the number of monitors and computers. The atmosphere was intense as the class had already begun. Despite having to catch up for an hour's worth of content, the instructor made it really simple to do so.

We were so interested in the course.
Notice Daniel's interested face!
(I've even cropped the photo to show you in the next photo)

My favourite line from the entire course was:

"If you want to learn to make money like Wall Street, you have to learn from Wall Street"

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Interested in Online Trading in general? Click here for their newsletter that has tons of tips and tricks! Otherwise, sign up for a 1 day class at $59 (original price $199. all fees excluding GST). Use promocode <mandaolivia>! (offer ends Dec 2017) - The next workshop is on 25 Aug 2017.

It's a new, free financial education website with over 200 pieces of financial education content. This includes Impact Investing, Retirement Planning, Personal Finance, Health and Medical and many other super interesting stuff.

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1 day class at $59 (original price $199)

*Payment is currently done through bank transfer.
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