Birthday '17 - Fullerton Bay Hotel Review??

Saturday, September 2, 2017

This year's birthday was a blast thanks to soo many people. Thank you, everybody, for your kind wishes!! I used to have a horribly strong opinion against putting my birthday on Facebook because - let's be real - isn't it absolutely awkward when people you haven't spoken to in 10 years suddenly wish you? like... oh, hey!! we used to go to primary school together and im pretty sure you can't remember my full name but thanks for the wish!! hope you're doing great. - I kid, thanks for all the wishes, dear friends. i appreciate them tons-

The Lantern
Last year's birthday was horrible because I was managing an LDR. what a pain. Daniel had just flown off to Netherlands, ps 3 days before my birthday. I'm so glad that's over. This year, we went to The Lantern at Fullerton. The view, according to many, is one of the best along the Marina Bay area. Literally felt like a princess for a day because he wore his best suit (literally) and picked me up in a cab there.

Tip if you want to go there in the evening: Make the most out of your stay by catching the light show over at MBS. You can see it from the restaurant. It starts at 8pm! To be blatantly honest, the food there is mediocre for the price you're paying. We ordered "Skewers" for $26 the last time we went and they basically turned out to be satay.... We tried the chicken because it was infused with corbin bleu cheese (i think?). Yes, they were much better than the skewers - more affordable too.

The Landing Point
Other than that, the parents also brought the family to The Landing Point for high tea! (omg, love high tea please - such a sweet tooth). If you haven't been there, The Landing Point is an awesome chill restaurant on the first floor of Fullerton Bay hotel. ps - I feel like I'm doing a review of all the food places at Fullerton.

High tea is from 3pm - 6pm and you get a tier canapes and little treats. You get to chose an assortment of teas too! ** exquisite teas, wow. The best part? Everything is refillable - yes, even the tier of desserts. I loveee high tea. I really want to try La Brasserie next though. The spread looks fantastic.

Although, if you asked me to compare The Landing Point to other tea places, I'd recommend 10 Scott at Hyatt over it any day because they have a larger selection of food and desserts. I'm going to stop my food rambling now because I'm starting to sound like an old taitai - i'm not, you guys.

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