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Sunday, September 3, 2017

If I haven't already shown how thankful I am to be part of the innisfree "My Palette" campaign, I am now -- OMG THANKS FOR HAVING ME <3 The day panned out perfectly with a mini photoshoot in the morning and a media press event in the evening.

Bag photos because phone photos....

In the afternoon, Aggy, Candy, XinLin and I were given a colour consultation by experts from the innisfree HQ in Korea. As I was chatting with the experts, I found out that they flew down especially for the event, which was their first global stop in the world! - wow @Singapore - They all spoke in Korean, which eluded me, but their friendly demeanours were so inviting and I couldn't help but feel the urge to go to Korea for my next holiday (haha).

All these happened at innisfree's new pop up store in Capitol Piazza.

So yea, first up, our colour consultation happened - they had sheets of linen in the different colours which they draped over our shoulders. The objective was to test if we were one of the 7 colour personalities (is that what you call them?) - Cool Bright, Cool Dark, Warm Dark, Warm Cool, etc.

Given how tan and Asian my skin tone is, I naturally gravitate towards the Warm Dark. This means that I take colours like mustard and burgundy a lot than dusty pink or bright white. It's super interesting how you're able to be categorized into different groups that helps you determine what colours suit you better.

^Which tone are you? Take the quiz! (sorry it's a pretty shitty photo because of my phone resolution)

Anyway, right after the shoot, Xin Lin and I went into momentary limbo because we clearly had nothing to do till the media event at night. Chilled out for the entire afternoon. 

So basically, the colour consultation is to help you determine how you can build your own palette!

What is My Palette?

*About My Palette 
Customizable palette collection where every shade is your favorite 

1. Easily customize your own palette with magnetic pans 

Magnetic pans enable you to easily consolidate all of your favorite shadow colors into one palette without using any tool. 

2. A vast selection of pigments and textures for customizable palette 
With the wide range of textures, including eyeshadow, blusher, eyebrow and concealer, and the subdivided color lines, you can choose all of your favorite things and easily consolidate them into one palette to create truly unique makeup looks. 

3. Upgraded quality with "MADE IN ITALY" 
Made in Italy, the product provides exquisite colors and textures. (Limited partly to My Eyeshadow Shimmer and My Blusher.)

Thank you Sharon and the wonder team at innisfree and Touch PR for having me!!
It was such a great experience.

You can customize your own palette at any innisfree store from 1 Sept onwards! It's really fun. gogogo.
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