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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hey, guys! Thought I'd just document how life has been in Tokyo, Japan! The weather's pretty in between - it gets chilly at night and sunny, with a chance of drizzle, during the day. I'd suggest layering up if you can with a denim or leather jacket.

All outfits shown in this post are from Love and Bravery.

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Wearing Love and Bravery's CORIN WRAP TOP and SILJA PANTS BLACK.

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#1: Visit the Aoyama Flower Market Tea House
Definitely for flower/plant lovers! As recommended by Lady Iron Chef (and my mum too, from her previous trip), the quaint cafe is situated in Omotesando. As the name says, the cafe takes on a greenhouse concept. Great for a mid day break when you wanna rest your feet and enjoy some sweets and tea. I highly recommend the Rose Parfeit too! (see photo below)

#2: Blue Bottle Coffee to Start the Day
Awesome quality beans used for the coffee. Best for morning pick me ups! Daniel and I went twice in a row to get our coffee fix. There are a couple of branches in Tokyo but we felt that the Shinjuku branch was the most convenient. I'd highly recommend the warm latte over the iced one, just because it's more aromatic.


#3: DisneySea over DisneyLand?
Okay, this, I'm still a bit iffy. We set out for Japan knowing that we wanted to go to one of the Disneys. All the reviews told us to go to DisneySea because it has more rides for adults, and true enough, there were more attractions like rollercoasters and such (mustttt go for the Tower of Terror and Toy Story rides). But I felt that the essence of Disneyland wasn't captured as much at DisneySea? Nonetheless, if you have kids with you, I'd highly recommend either or!

Outfit Tip:
Embarrassing, but I did google what to wear to Disneyland prior to the trip because given that the seasons are currently changing, you'd wanna be both warm and comfy at the same time. Should I wear shorts? Can I wear a skirt on the roller coaster? I think Japan is one of the only places with ladies wearing skirts on the rides (heck, there were Jap school girls in their miniature pleated skirts). I finally picked to wear a midi skirt (RHONNA SWING SKIRT)from Love and Bravery because it doesn't get too warm in the sun and it keeps the legs toasty, even when it's chilly.



Shop the look:
Wearing Love and Bravery's JOELLE EYELET TOP and RHONNA SWING SKIRT.

#4: Harajuku & Dominique Ansel Bakery
I'm starting to think all we've done this trip is eat eat and eat. I'd totally recommend a day in Harajuku for back alley admiring and cafe hopping. Dan and I went back to Harajuku twice in 4 days. I didn't bag much shopping but it was just really nice to see all the trendy brands flank the streets. Don't stick to the conventional main roads! Remember to walk into the smaller streets - that's where we found Dominique Ansel Bakery.

Oh. My. Goodness. Let me observe a minute of silence for the awesome Frozen Smore, Cookie shot and Cronut that were ingested in my tumz. I literally didn't even care if I got diabetes. They were that good. (And with reasons beyond my explanation, this Love and Bravery dress managed to hide my bulging dessert tummy? #magic)


Left: Cronut. Right in clockwise: Cookie Shot, Frozen Smore and Cronut.

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Hope you enjoy Tokyo as much as us!!
special thanks to Daniel Cly for all his help with photos.


  1. These places look fantastic and I love your outfits! x

    1. Thanks so much! Lemme know if you end up going to them! Would love to know your thoughts x

  2. Amazing places and your photos looks stunning :)
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