Feature: The Glass House

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Not sure if you've already visited the new trending outlet in Chijmes but The Glasshouse is definitely a place with good people and good vibes.

I guess the reason why I'm writing this is that I really believe in the entrepreneurs of Singapore. The owners, Qing He and Josh are no exception. Genuine, authentic and quality coffee is what they believe in. Their philosophy is to enable Singaporeans to appreciate premium coffee - because everybody deserves to be able to drink a good cuppa without having to fork a thousand for it. Co-owner, Josh learnt his artisanal craft of coffee making and appreciation from Melbourne, where he studied and worked. Explains why the coffee is amazinnnggg.

Their coffees include black, white, cold brew, and the uncommon filtered coffee; produced without pressure and only with hot water and a filter. When one drinks filtered coffee, they will be able to taste the natural acidity of the grain, often removed in the common high pressured and heat process used to produce espresso, followed by the more familiar bitterness of coffee. It is a combination and sequence of flavours and textiles one does not usually associate with coffee.

Check them out here! They're the next hot topic.

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