Itinerary for a Chill Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just flew back from a refreshing weekend in KL with Daniel last night. Thank you, Air Asia, for standing by your 100% flight delay policy. I'm not sure why people don't check out the nooks and crannies of KL more often. It's all about knowing how to do it right!

1. Cafe Hop
You know how JB is all about chilling out and having coffee? Yeap, we might've found an alternative to that - just slightly further away. Whenever Dan and I go to KL, we never have local food (blasphemy!). I wouldn't say that the food is a lot cheaper there, but it's definitely more worth it- portion wise. In my few times flying up with Dan and once with Love, Bonito, I've gotten to try a handful of cafes.

It really depends what you're after. If you're going for....
Good Coffee? Pulp.
Amazing Brunch Vibes? Breakfast Thieves
BEST BURGERS EVER? The Burger Lab (Hands down. You needa try the salted egg yolk charcoal burger or the PB&J one omg)
Huge Portion Sizes? Botanica + co
To die for pizza & wine? Proof Pizza + Wine (Get the truffle pizza + sauvignon blanc. Best pairing ever)
Indomee Cafe - omg I LOVE. It's not a shabby place - everyone there is young and hip. Like us. (lol). Don't get the chendol drink though. Get the Bandung one! I hate bandung but that was pretty soild.

We recommend the (Spanish?) eggs. The plate at the far back of the photo.

This time, Dan and I tried a new cafe called VCR. It's got good vibes too. The food was decent but I wasn't a big fan of the coffee. We also tried the Indomie Cafe omggggg i love indomie it's lyfe. My opinion may be biased on this... but... I really love the concept and I LOVED the Ayam indomie. The chicken was soo tasty (wish I had a photo). It's slightly out of the way though!

2. Chill out with a view
For real - You don't even need MBS for this. We stayed at Capri by Fraser in KL for the 2nd time because they literally have everything. We got our room for $80/night. Wait till I tell you about the facilities - Huge gym with a KL city skyline view, sauna, infinity pool, rooftop bar (who needs 1-altitude??). The biggest reason why this hotel is so chill is because it isn't in KL city centre. It's in an up market area called Bangsar South which is only a 10 minute taxi ride from the city. We chose this because KL city is always jammed with cars. The air gets really polluted too sometimes. Noise pollution and cars everywhere doesn't help too.

3. Body Massage
Once again, to burst your whole perception that Malaysia is super cheap - no, it's not. But when you're chilled out, you'd wanna go for a massage. It's just slightly cheaper than Singapore! Dan and I usually go to Chaang massage. It's a Thai message place near Pavilion Mall, but I'm sure Malaysia is famous for their "tui na" massages (the traditional chinese ones!)

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