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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Daniel: "Eh, can you send me some photos from yesterday's shoot?"
*Sends the above photo* Me: "I feel like you'll appreciate this the most."

True enough.

Voila! My gown turned into a poofy tulle dress. With pink ombre. 
Massive applause to Joan from Stitch by Stitch.

And this is what happened when Joan left. I had to fend for the gowns myself.
Note to self: I need bridesmaids at my actual wedding afterall.

Also, wind + hair on shoot = Send moar help please.
All Daniel could do was stand there and laugh.

Reposting this photo and shouting out to Ken from Assemble again!!

Ayden from Cynderella did my hair and makeup. The funniest story — my chest looks fuller thanks to him. He contoured it with bronzer. In his wise words (loosely translated from Chinese), "Makeup can make anything from don't have to have."

These photos were taken by Ken from Assemble and Joan from Stitch by Stitch.

Dan and I haven't shot together in a long time so we were a bit rusty but I'm so glad we got to work with all these amazing people.

Shout outs
Makeup by Ayden from Cynderella
Gown by Stitch by Stitch
Flowers by Lizflorals
Daniel's Suit from Assemble
Official Photographer: Wan Jing
Calligrapher: Nicole
Cake artisan: Shirlene

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