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Saturday, December 2, 2017

I was embargo-ed to only post anything about Lumine's I am Who I Am campaign after it launched... So, now that it has... Here I am to binge document everything that happened!!

Located in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Lumine (pronounced Lu-mi-neh) is a well known departmental store that's home to the latest fashion, lifestyle goods, cosmetics and restaurants. When I reached Tokyo, I found out that it's thrice the size of Takashimaya and spans across multiple buildings! They recently opened their first store outside Japan at Clarke Quay Central, Singapore.

Their launch campaign was crazy rad. I am Who I am highlights individuality and showcases each person's uniqueness through personal style. During which, Lumine flew 5 Singaporeans to Japan and 5 Japanese to Singapore for an "exchange program", aka a photo and video shoot in each country's no. 1 iconic spots.

Initially, I thought I was under a prank when Mavis approached me to be one of the swanky brand's campaign talents. Here I was thinking... Why would anyone want to fly a nobody to Japan for a shoot?? But that's one of the reasons why I've fallen in love with I am Who I am - because it really shows you that anyone has the power to have an individual voice and style.

Had my bags packed up at the last minute.
When it was finally time to fly to Japan, I was nervous af of flying alone.


- Airport shopping at Charles and Keith for my heeled booties to complete one of the Lumine photoshoot looks -


Day 1, 10pm:
I somehow managed to find my way to the Century Southern Hotel after experiencing the communication barrier x 100. (photos above were from the next day) FAMISHED and tired, but I had to get food. Took a romantic stroll with me and myself out to explore the city. Shinjuku is amazing.

Day 2, 8am: 
The next morning was amazing. I met the other talents for the first time - Peggy and Aarika. They were soo nice /starstruck/. Peggy is a local entrepreneur who owns Tiramisu Hero whereas Aarika is a local singer (when I first heard her sing at Rach's wedding.... fwaahhhh). Anyway, I was zoomed into hair and make up immediately so I couldn't get as many BTS shots. Darling Mavis, the coordinator, helped me take some of these.

We had 2 sets - 1 indoor and 1 outdoor.

 For the outdoor set, we TOURED AROUND TOKYO in a minivan - which by the way, had a makeup counter in it (yes, makeup mirror with the flashing lights + blingbling). The Japanese are such overachievers (I mean that in a good way). I was being blown away by Japan on so many occasions. It's true when they say if Singapore can do it, Japan can do it better.

And because of that, I had to plan my trip outfits. LOLOL. I evidently take what I wear very seriously.

 Crazy fortunate to have been part of the Lumine Singapore opening campaign. 
Check their new concept store out at Clarke Quay level 2!

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