Jo Malone London Fragrance Combining Masterclass

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Was recently graced with the opportunity to attend Jo Malone's exclusive Jo Malone London's Fragrance Combining class at their Marina Bay Sand's outlet.

Flashback - The first time I got to know them was in an airport in Dublin where they mentioned that the scents were actually cheaper there, as compared to in London because of the Stirling-vs-Pound issue (of which till this day, I'm still a bit confused). What attracted me to the store was their white finishes and the fact that... I smelt my Final Year Project lecturer, Cindy, from a far - hahaha oops. That was when I really knew I wanted to do my FYP on scents. My first Jo Malone perfume was then bought by Mum as a Christmas Present (I think) and it was English Pear and Freeshia (somebody get ready the "#basic" hashtag).

Anyway, this event taught us the art of combining 2 Jo Malone scents together to form a unique fragrance for yourself. I think the beautiful thing about scents is the way it's able to evoke emotions and memories. The thing with mixing fragrances is that it creates such a complex sensory experience because of the dual notes. I'm really no fragrance expert but my 2 sense after using Jo Malone fragrances is the 2 different scents I smell, which makes the scent even more exquisite and special.

Ok, so other than that, we were also pampered by the shop assistants who gave us a hand spa massage - ps you can book a hand spa with them too!! (In the wise words of Daniel, hand massages are genuinely underrated). What did I do to deserve this 🙏🏻


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