Supernova Winter Party

Saturday, January 13, 2018

For those who are confused about my current job status, I'm currently working at SkinnyMint, which is under a parent company called Supernova. is home to other social e-commerce brands like Sand and SkyBodyboss and a new upcoming brand, Coco and eve. So far, I've been managing SkinnyMint's social marketing for about 7 months now and one thing I have made certain is the company's crazy work hard, play hard culture.

Ever so often, the bosses would throw 2 themed parties a year - the Summer and Winter parties. The bosses love to put in a little competitive edge during the outings just to get everyone bonded and working together. During the Summer Party, we went to Amped Trampoline park to battle it out in the rinks. This time was no different.

We chartered a yacht to Lazarus Island and did a kayak race. (Wish I had photos of me in my ultra cool surf gear but damn, nope)

To be greatly honest, the kayak race was sort of short-lived. But the main highlight of the day was really the sky, sea and view. It's really not every day that you get a view of the Singapore skyline thanks to your job.

Coming from an Asian company prior to this job, I was so amazed at how well everyone held their liquor. We popped a bottle of champagne once we stepped foot on the yacht (mind you, this was 1pm) and continued going strong until 1am where we had adjourned to the W Hotel Singapore for our after party.

Of course, I'm not complaining. Lol. Although, I am a little bummed and missing my dear friend, Derede, who has since then left our clan.

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