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Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Harvest of Five Limited Edition Fragrances

This is officially my favourite collection of Jo Malone scents - they smell even better than my usual top picks. In total, there are 5 fragrances:

Poppy & Barley
Primrose & Rye
Oat & Cornflower
Honey & Crocus
Green Wheat & Meadowsweet

Had an awesome time making my own flower wreaths at Jo Malone’s outlet a few moons ago. I’ve been meaning to write about this for the longest time and finally had the time to sit down and... smell the roses, or in this case, smell the awesome wheat-based ingredients they’ve infused into their newest scents.

Anyhoo, their limited edition collection was created for the month of March. For that, the bottles are inspired by wheat fields. - side note though, what happened to the whole obsession about taking photos in our very own Singapore wheat fields in Punggol? Did that trend completely die out? Hahaha.

When I arrived at the Jo Malone MBS store (late as usual. But only because I had work), I was so intrigued by the setup! There was, for one, a food table, only inspired by the finest wheat products - wholegrain bread, banana tartines, etc. Second, a table filled with gorgeous flowers (and ladies).

In the span of an hour, we were on the roll, weaving out very own flower wreaths... (Or flower crowns?? What do they call it these days?) Our teacher, of whom I didn't manage to catch a name from, had the whole boho vibes going on. LAAVIT. 

Each 30ml Cologne RRP SGD 110, Available from March 2018

Poppy & Barley:
Rich red poppies. Fruity with black currant. Cocooned by barley and bran. Softened with powdery notes of white musk.

Primrose & Rye:
Primroses warmed by golden corn. Brightened with mimosa on an addictive base of rye and vanilla.

Honey & Crocus: 
Mouth-watering honey. Blonded with the bright boom of crocuses and English lavender. Sweetened with a dash of almond milk.

Green wheat& Meadowsweet:
Green wheat. Crisp and fresh. Balanced with a zesty twist of grapefruit. Mingled with soft, white notes of meadowsweet.

- - - - - - - -

Sunlight skipping across golden fields.
Plentiful. Rich with precious grains.
A warm and wholesome celebration.
Poppies dancing in the wind. Alive with colour.
The essence of the English landscape
in five captivating scents.
Each one sophisticated in its simplicity, designed for Fragrance Combining.

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