Mamonde || 5 Easy ways to Better Skincare

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Always remove your make up thoroughly! Not sure if it's a grandmother's tale but I'm pretty sure not removing your make up properly equates to more skin problems.

2. Petal Purifying Bubble Mask

Pamper your skin properly! Purify after removing your makeup with a good deep cleanse.

You may be too lazy to mask you should at least have a clay mask to detox your skin from free radicals. Clay masks are really the latest trend in most skin care brands. Personally not a huge fan because it makes my skin feel really dry, but I usually counter it with a hydrating mask after so it balances out just right.

Alternatively, you could try putting on sleep masks after moisturising. This helps to lock in the moisture all through the night. It's great, especially if you sleep with air conditioning. This is good for sensitive skin!

This is an alternative sleeping mask. It's a mixture of watery cream. It smells gorgeous too! It's not cakey or too heavy and glides perfectly on the skin. Use this with light lymph nodes massages to reduce water retention.

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