Pomelo Spring/Summer 18 collection

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Yes, since Singapore only experiences hot and even hotter weather all year round, I can imagine how the concept of Spring/Summer may elude most of us (I’m no exception). I can, however, assure you that ’tis the season to dress in bold colours, off shoulder pieces and lightweight linen in prep for the EVEN HOTTER months ahead.

[Shout out to Yusrina from Pomelo for making this post happen. Crazy thankful to be able to create content for this!]

Got to pick out some of my favs from the Pomelo site recently. 
Here are three (+1) ways to prep for SS18 the right way y’all.

Bold Colours: 

Everyone’s going ape sh*t cray about this. Vagabond Youth just talked about red chilli booties here. Chriselle Lim's new Clothing Collection here's all about colour too. 

Go for “off-primary” colours that compliment your skin tone. For example, if you have yellow undertones (like me), try Mustard over a Yellow with blue undertones. -PS, LOVE mustard. English mustard included.


Linen for HOT days. Yas. It’s not 100% sweat proof but the fabric definitely helps reduce heat retention. You can go really feminine like what I’ve done here or pair this Pomelo top with linens pants or linen-everything-else!

Off shoulders

Off shoulders aren't a new trend, but they're definitely here for the long run. Spring summer is the time for boho too. Think, walking out into fields with endless pink sunsets and boots. Lol, ok not such an accurate description of the Singapore landscape, but you can substitute that imagery with East Coast Park or its equivalent. Just throw on some sandals and long chain necklaces/earrings for a more Singapore appropriate attire.

Ps - Thanks Adelia for helping me shoot these!!
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  1. Love your posts! Looking forward to more of your content creations :)

    1. Great to hear! Thanks for your leaving a note :) Will do more of these posts in future x


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