Valentine's 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

These photos have literally been in my computer for 1.5 months. hahaha (what's new right? forever delaying my blog posts).

Anyway, Valentine's was really special this year. In the bid to save some moleh, Daniel prepared a 3-course homemade dinner and borrowed our rooftop balcony. He's a really good cook!

We had baked salmon with lemon, buttered brocolli, baked cheese and truffle mushrooms, and yogurt parfaits for dessert. He said he specially cooked these at home and brought them over hahaha TOO SWEET.

On top of that, he also decorated the location with tea candles and lights we bought from ikea. Awesome touch!

As night fell, the rooftop transformed from an oranged washed sunset scene to a romantic candle-lit bar. 

Hehe couldn't help but have a mini photoshoot with the set too.

So much love for this boy, really.

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