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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Anybody else here feeling super annoyed that the new iPhones don’t have the usual earpiece jacks? I’m currently using the iPhone 8 and it’s a literal pain to always having to carry an adaptor. For that very reason, I was very interested to review SUDIO’s bestselling wireless earphones, VASA BLA, when they reached out to me.

SUDIO is a Swedish lifestyle brand which designs earphones featuring handcrafted quality in the minimalistic Scandinavian style. They have recently been featured in Cleo Singapore, GQ UK and Elle France too.

I especially like the rose gold trimming. (Rolling my eyes at my current rose gold obsession) 

I got the black ones because they look so sleek. Unlike wire earpieces, they even somewhat blend into your daily outfit.

Vasa Bla is said to be the lightest wireless earphones in the market now (weighing at 14g). It’s said to have a battery life of 8 hours and comes with a handmade leather case with 4 different sized earbuds for customization’s sake. It fits pretty nicely in my ears too ‘cause they came with variations in earbuds sizes. 

To be honest, I had some troubles connecting the earpiece to my phone (I’m not great with manuals). I handed it to IT Support (AKA My boyfriend), he googled how to work it and it worked like a charm after. 

Me walking away from my phone that was playing music.

In terms of connectivity, I put them to the test because… what’s a wireless earpiece if the bluetooth connection sucks?! I took 10 steps away from my phone… 30… 50… and finally out of the house. Only then did it start breaking up a little. -Connectivity test, PASSED-

It comes with a leather pouch too so you won’t lose or tangle your earpiece.

Some pros about shopping with SUDIO are that they have worldwide shipping (3-5 days delivery to Singapore) and it all purchases come with 1-year International warranty!

What say you? Would you be interested in this? If you are, here’s a 15% off with promo code “mandaolivia”.

Click here to check out Vasa BLA.

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