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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Finally got a weekend off because tbh I've been feeling so burnt out from life lol #nojokeskids. So last weekend, Daniel and I got to experience being a tourist in Singapore at Park Regis Singapore. 

Thank God I work in Robertson Quay, which made rushing over to Clarke Quay the most convenient thing ever. It was just a 10 minutes walk (mind you, I was in pseudo chalk heels).

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This little treat Daniel and I were part of was so nicely organized by the hotel as part of their new Stay Well Package. It's consists of four elements — Wellness, Play, Work and Personalized Service. It was definitely a fun filled packed 2 days. 

We started our staycation with an #sginsiders Butterfly Peak Welcome Drink. It changes colour when you add honey?! Omg.

Got to stay in the Merchant Room which has a view of the pool. The room is really cozy and brightly coloured! Mfavourite part of it was definitely the bay window. We were so sad that the day was gloomy because the pictures didn't turn out as well... 

Nevertheless, the pool was still something we had to check out. It's perfect for waddling because it's pretty shallow. I didn't get a pic but they have the cutest pool towels! - yeap, those blue and white striped ones.

Poolside flat lay.


We were up EARLY the next morning for an #sginsiders tour around the neighbourhood. Call time was 7.45am and our tummies were rumbling. ps - if you're on this tour and need a wake-up call, you can hit up the hotel front desk and they'll be your alarm clock.

Thankfully, snacks were provided before we hit the road. 

The walking tour started at Park Regis and proceeded on to Clarke Quay, Fort Canning, then Robertson Quay. It was really nice to be a tourist in Singapore. You get to learn fun facts like ..  did you know that Fort Canning used to be called Forbidden Hill? 

I'd recommend for you to wear comfy shoes (*pro tip: bring a cap because Singapore is legit quite sunny in the morning). It's not a super difficult hike - like you could probably wear a dress/skirt on it - but covering your legs (especially) is a good idea because I was basically mosquito food all the way up Fort Canning.

We SURVIVED the trail! And went back to the hotel for a complimentary breakfast buffet. Much needed, tyvm. Didn't take photos of the buffet because I was too famished to think that through. lol.

Clearly after being a food monster, we had to ride the food baby off. I reallyyyy love Park Regis's bikes - they are so FABULOUS.

(I'm not sure why I was tip toeing)

They might look like ofo bikes because they're yellow, but I can assure you that their basket bag and leather seat/handles will make you feel like you're riding along the streets of Amsterdam's canals (try cycling along Clarke Quay with them to know what I'm talking about hahah). Dan and I rode around Boat Quay, Robertson Quay and Hong Kong Street for a coffee run (or cycle?). The trip was a breeze because the areas have tons of underpasses for a smooth ride.

Finally, going back, we decided to check out the gym for a 15 min. workout. The gym is small but has all the equipment you need - from weights, treadmills and even a punching bag (haha, and no I'm not referring to Daniel).

All in all, the short 2-days 1-night Staywell Staycation was such a bliss. We got a late checkout but still felt so sad that it was over :(

When am I gonna travel to shoot next? :(

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