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Saturday, May 5, 2018

I know, I know, all I’ve been talking about has been about my recent trip with Jo, my ex Uni roomie, to Koh Samui. You’d imagine us lying on the beach, tanning and doing absolutely nothing. Well, you’re not wrong… We were actually there for a full Yoga Retreat at a place Vivi recommended called Vikasa.

Late last year, when Jo and I were bogged down by work, we decided that we needed a break. Our plan was to originally do a trip to London - Prague - Budapest. Ps - London flights from SG can be as cheap as $400+ with Norwegian Airways (if you just book it with a carry on luggage).

I’m not exactly sure what happened there but we ended up not going, decided that it was going to be hectic and by far not the restful trip we were looking for. No regrets whatsoever picking the latter.

Our daily routine included: Sunrise - Yoga - Brunch - Chill - Sleep
We stayed just 10 steps (literally) away from our secret private beach. We’d catch sunrise every morning, even though our alarms didn’t ring.

Head up to the Yoga Sala for our AM Yoga sesh which was usually a cool mix of Asana and Meditation. Brunch followed immediately after because we were usually famished by then. It would usually be free and easy, all the way to our second yoga class in the late afternoon and either a Gong or Singing Bowls meditation class right before bedtime.

That puts you to sleep pretty darn well. Basically, we had so much free time to rot and do nothing that I felt so refreshed. Honestly haven’t done that in awhile.

Part of the holiday that I really enjoyed was exploring the resort. The resort has different types of accommodations. We stayed in the Ocean Bungalows, which was really inconvenient but quiet and serene.

Because we were at the bottom of the beach, we’d have to climb 1230942 million steps up to the Life Cafe, where brunch and dinner buffets would be provided. By the end of the trip, I, and I kid you not, really felt my butt being toner from all the stairs climbing.

Speaking of the Life Cafe, I’m absolutely inspired to cook vegetarian food now. I was always fine with clean eating but Life Cafe took it to a whole new extraordinary level. On a daily basis, both brunch and dinner would be tip top quality.

For brunch, they’d have amazing super foods like chia seeds pudding, their green juices, strawberry banana smoothies, chocolate crepes, eggs, all that jazz. Dinner is usually heavier with green curry tofu, Thai glass noodles, pesto pasta, etc.

We would also usually meet the fellow yogis and yoginis at the Life Cafe, just ‘cause it’s a good time to socialise. Everyone there is so friendly. There’s surprisingly not many Asians, so on the first few days that Jo and I were there, we felt slightly out of place. But I’d say it’s a fantastic experience to speak to people from all around the world. We chatted 2 lovely German girls who had known each other for 20 years.
We also managed to have brunch with the owner himself, Kosta. Scandinavian by origin but moved to Canada/Toronto, and eventually Samui, he told us the story of how he first envisioned the Vikasa resort.

It was so inspiring as he explained to us how he was sitting on the rocks by the beach and just decided he wanted to buy the land to start the yoga spa. Take real guts and honestly hats off to his entrepreneurial spirit.

After the 3rd or 4th day of eating clean and exercising for these few days, Jo and I concluded that we actually felt our arms and legs tone up. And surprisingly, my tummy felt flatter too. I’m definitely going back again.

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