A Day in the Life : Fujifilm X-T100

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Anybody else here realizes that half of 2018 has already flown pass? I recently got a hold of the Fujifilm X-T100 and Nicole Then, awesome wedding photographer, suggested I start a personal project to document my daily sightings. This widely known project is called... A Day In The Life. And as the name says it, the project aims to capture a day in the life in my world.

I was a bit nervous and apprehensive to begin on this project because being the very aesthetically-pleasing anal person that I am, I always want to capture nice shots, and sometimes, it just isn't very possible given the spur of the moment. Also, my last photography project was 7 years ago.

After reviewing the photos, I was pretty pleased with the outcome! Managed to test shoot so many different types of shots just with the kit lens (15-45mm).

Here's how a Monday in the life of @manda.olivia would look:

The camera does pretty well with backlight!

My mornings start a little something like this in the SkinnyMint, Supernova HQ kitchen. It's my favourite place in the office because of all the natural light (duh you guessed it). The view from the top floor is also really something.

The wide angle for this camera is so good for indoor shots!

Breakfast is usually either a good o' bowl of granola, berries and almond milk, or a slice of toast with butter and green tea. Always keeping it simple~ I love how the office always stocks up food for us.

Love how sharp the mirrorless is!

Immediately after, it's right to my desk and work begins. Time usually passes by really quickly at work so I barely have a sec to take any photos.

The next thing about the day we look forward to is then lunchhhh. It was Rachel's first day with us so Leonie, Reg and I had our first ever proper Team Lunch with her at Publico.

The cam is good with low light and indoor yellow lighting too. It's got awesome image quality, colour repoduction and noise handling.
The place is soo lovely! It looks like one of those french diners.

The fries were so awesome. If you go, GET THE TRUFFLE DIP. No ragrets.

Once work ended, I rushed off to meet Leanne for a shoot... all the way in Bukit Batok. Whoohoo damn far. This doesn’t happen often but Leanne is starting her new super hot bridal line called Queen of Hearts and got the honour to shoot with her for the first collection!

The dresses are super sensual with tons of low back and intricate lace details. You'll see more of them soon on my Instagram.

Also, this was us trying to do a selfie shot with the Fujifilm X-T100. I cannot stress how much I LOVE THE 3 way tilt LCD screen. It's the most convenient thing in the world.

This post was shot with the FUJIFILM X-T100. Thankfully, it’s really versatile and lightweight so I could carry it everywhere with me easily. Can’t imagine having to carry a heavy camera around. The only worrying part about this was that the camera didn’t come with a bag/case. Some other deets about the execution of this post (wow, I feel like my design student background emerging):

- I was on full manual mode.
- I was using PRO Neg. Hi film simulation mode.

- I’m using the kit lens it comes with (which I think is honestly adequately sufficient for daily use). This is the 15-45mm, F3.5-5.6
- Retro & Lightweight body
- Electronic viewfinder

Yeap, so that was a Day in the Life (slash) Fujifilm X-T100 review~


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