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Saturday, June 16, 2018

It's always a good time with innisfree. I only found out that the campaign went live when my friends started sending me snapshots of the innisfree store. I was reeling with excitement ermergah.

In conjunction with their Play Green Everywhere campaign, innisfree collaborated with Love, Bonito for this shoot featuring their limited edition eco-handkerchiefs! They come in 3 different designs — Surfer, Skater and Camper.

So for this shoot, awesome possum Sharon, brand manager of innisfree, decided to cast me as a surfer. Ps - I've never in my life surfed so I was sincerely crossing my fingers, hoping that I'd be able to pull it off. Thankfully, no surfing was involved - just posing with the wave board.

Had to wake up bright and early for this shoot and got to meet some really cool people from The Good Folks too! Worked alongside two awesome models, Alfred and Grace, and power duo photo team, Charmaine & partner.

If you guys are interested to win @innisfreesingapore products (worth $100) & @lovebonito vouchers, simply post your #ootd ft. #innisfreesingapore’s #PlayGreen#EcoHankie. Don’t forget to follow both on Instagram and tag #innisfreesingaporexLoveBonito too! Can’t wait to see everyone’s entries x (Contest ends 30 Jun).

Super honoured to be in innisfree stores tbh. Thank you so much to the team for this!

And shout out to the amazing people who sent me screenshots before I managed to have a looksee myself! Really got me excited!

Shout out to @thegoodfolks and @charm.wu for the awesome BTS and photos!

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