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Saturday, June 30, 2018

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*Note: Colour of clothes may look slightly greener than in real life! Look at Grana's website for actual colour. I've also linked individual photos to the site if you wanna check them out.

I realized I've never properly introduced you to the brand! GRANA stands for quality and pieces you’ll wear again and again. These pieces find a home in
 your wardrobe for a good time and
 a long time. They value craftsmanship and constructed classic silhouettes with perennial favourites.
This lookbook is filled with 2 of my all-time favourite fabrics - French Linen and Chinese Silk.

Silk Cotton Split Neck Tunic - I call this the buffet dress because... for real, would you not wear this to a buffet?!

Pair it with white sneakers or slip-on sandals!

Hair down? Hair up? Your choice really. But I prefer leaving the hair down for a the effortless-Im-ready-to-sleep-but-Im-going-out look.

This is the ultimate most comfy cami. (Disclaimer: It's black btw sorry, photo filter)

Made of 100% chinese silk, it also has a little ribbon which causes the fabric to cascade down softly.

Hello, hello, French Linen.
I'd wear this for a day out in the sun or a picnic (hence, my picnic basket from my Fresh press kit lol)

I feel like you'd expect me to write beautifully descriptive for this blog post about these awesome outfits but... nah. #RealTalk: Everything straight neckline is the LITERAL BOMBzx. Straight necklines give the illusion of broader shoulders as it draws attention horizontally across your chest.

The back details look a little something like this. You can unbutton the straps and criss-cross them if they're too long. I wore the supposed sash around my neck because I sometimes think I'm high fashion, but go ahead and wear it the normal boring way by all means.

This A-line dress is really what every girl should have in their closet. It's my go to wake-up-for-work-late dress.

Lightweight and soft - super breezyyy

The cut in detail, once again, broadens your shoulders!

ps - This has got to be my favourite in-house shoot for a fashion brand so far. Hope you liked it too because my camera remote decided to fail on me for the day. I ended up having to self-timer everything (cue song All By Myself).

10% off and free shipping with "MANDAxGRANA"


  1. This outfit is pretty classy and it looks great on you!

  2. What a beautiful dress! These photos are gorgeous and I love the flowers!

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