July Favourites (so far)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Simple and everyday lifestyle things with high mileage.

Creme Simon Teas and Skincare

I'm a huge advocate for Creme Simon's teas (especially the Beauty tea because it smells like vanilla) so I was pretty excited to try their skincare line too. I've been using their Dermo-Hydrating Toner Mist and find it really convenient because it comes in a spray! It's really light on the skin too. CAUTION, as much as I love this, careful not to get it in your eyes - they sting like a bitch.

Started trying out their Oxygenating Light Day Moisturiser too - if you're a fan of layering your skin care, this one's for you! Smells pretty good too.

Another product from them that's reallyyy cool is their Lymphatic Contouring and Lifting Gel. Lymphatic massages help to drain excess water that makes your face looks puffy! They also help with facial contouring.

Jo Malone x Poppy Delevingne

This is one of my favourite Jo Malone collabs! Ok - so the packaging doesn't look quite as on brand as usual but the scents are to die for. This collection is home to even some swanky bath tools like a pop inspired rubber ducky (sorry I didn't take a photo oops). I managed to get my hands on the Red Rose cologne. What I love most about this collection, in particular, is how it's able to blend well with all the rest of the Jo Malone scents!

Sperry Crest Vibe Satin

I'm in LOVE with these Sperry sneakers. One time I was studying abroad for 6 months- I didn't bring my white sneakers and I literally felt so unmotivated to get dressed.) This is the first time I'm trying this brand's kicks. 

Take it from the white sneakers expert that these actually make your calves look smaller(?!). They have a slightly lower dip around the ankles that seemingly elongates your legs by some sorta visual illusion sorcery.

Acai Bowls

Without a doubt, my acai bowl craze is still going epically strong. I wrote about our homemade 15 min. acai bowl recipes in my previous post!


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