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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

photo source: presskit

Afternoon-scones, pastries and chilled tea are my favourite activity over the weekends. Apart from 10 Scotts at Hyatt (photos here) and The Landing Point (short review here) , we don't have many exclusive tea places in the heart of town! (Please comment below if you have any suggestions though)

photo source: presskit

Mon and I went down for a media food tasting at 1872 Clipper Tea Co.'s Upgraded Tea Bar at ION Orchard last week and it was a really unforgettable experience. I love how the brand has created a little oasis for your feet to take a rest admist the hustle and bustle of ION.

We were spoilt for choices and tried everything in the cafe because it was our first time visiting. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. is debuting their updated dessert menu in collaboration with Dulcet & Studio to pair treats with drinks available at the tea bar.

(Matcha latte; Expectation vs reality - Left is presskit photo, right is iphone photo - it's true to expectation!)

Before deep diving to pick our drink of choice, we did a tea quiz where we answered a couple of questions via a card game to find out which drink suits our personality the most. My word was Adventurous so they gave me a Singapore Sling ($4.70). This is the alcohol-free version of the iconic cocktail which mixes Classic English breakfast with hibiscus syrup, coconut shavings, lychee pieces and pineapple slices. Super yum.

Mon is an entertainer so she got the Lychee Litchi ($4.70) which had fruity-floral notes and a blend of Chinese Jasmine tea, rose petals and fresh lychee pieces! I actually prefer hers more heh. I'd also highly recommend the Matcha Latte ($5.80) if you can take milk! I'm kinda lactose intolerant but I did take a sip of it and it was really good. (photo above)

We were blown away by the choices for sweets. Pastel perfect choux casings and delightful tea-infused creamed Tea Puffs ($3.20 each) are the staple at the flagship store. You have to try these if you have a sweet tooth! We tried the Hojicha and Thai milk tea flavours - my favourite was the hojicha because of how unique the taste was. Earl Grey is the popular choice.

(Tea Puffs, Left is taken by iphone, right is presskit photo. True to expectations!)

I highly recommend their freshly baked butter scones (2 for $6 - new on the menu) that just crumble in your mouth - have it with the fresh cream or without, it still tastes amazing.

(Scones - left is expectation, right is reality. 100% true to expecation)

photo source: presskit

Lastly, they also let us try these Chiffon Cakes ($6.80 each) in earl grey, matcha, strawberry and yuzu. I'm not the biggest fan of chiffon so I can't give an unbiased review on this.

Drop by 1872 Clipper Tea Co. at
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-07
+65 65098745
10am-10pm daily

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to write about this media tasting but I reallyreally like this place and you guys should check it out if you need a short break from shopping in town. Highly recommend x
Another disclaimer - I try to stay away from using presskit photos but these photos are just so on point they put my iphone ones to shame. Brownie points to the photographer for these high-quality images - you've saved the blogging world from low res bad lighting visuals well done.

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