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Thursday, March 1, 2018


Tea @ 10 Scotts w/ Mother, Auntie & Nic.
We missed you Adelia!!


10 Scotts is probably one of mum's new fav. hang out places. They serve their savory dishes on a rather impressive 3-tier tea stand, while sweet delights are neatly arranged on the buffet counter behind the seatings. GLORIOUSSSSSS free flow of food & tea. whoohoo. Mini bowls of quiche, crabcakes, saltedcaramel hazelnut icecream, creme brulee & lemon meringue tarts. As far as I was concern, Nic & I were just gobbling down the treats to satisfy our sweet toothz. Screw the roses and pretty presents. Food is the only way to buy me over.

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