Eucerin: Skincare Routine

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Don't you have it when you break out because of a new skincare regime? My skin has been problematic in the past few months so I've been really careful of what goes on my face.

I've been trying out this new Eucerin regime, and to my surprise, it's been fantastic! This is my first time trying the brand out so I hadn't a clue what to expect. All I knew about the brand was that they're dermatologically tested. My biggest takeaway is that the brand is very meticulous in the creation of their products and credible to their claims - and I'm not just saying it because this range was gifted.

1. No frills and efficiency
All the products in the package are great and effective for sensitive skin. I tend to experience red patches or skin itching/irritation when I use lightly scented fragranced products, but these didn't hurt a bit.

2. Consistency
Great consistency. The night creams are great (especially if you sleep in aircon). They spread smoothly over the skin. In the morning, I do see the radiance too because of the moisture lock down and dual efficiency in anti-aging components that helps to plump the skin.

3. Meticulous and intention in their products
Never underestimate the importance of good packaging. Good packaging helps to store serums to maintain its best efficacy.

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