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Saturday, December 29, 2018

All photos were taken using a Sony a7ii - 35mm 1.8/f

Dan and I did a short trip to Hong kong a couple of moons ago and we told ourselves that we would not be like typical tourists. Part of our trip was spent scouting and exploring cool places to enjoy sunsets and natural light. If you're planning a trip up, be sure to check out these places we love!

Hongkong PolyU
Instagram Pier
Hysan Place

I still remember hoards of tourists coming to visit my Uni back in the day and I would wonder why exactly anyone would be interested in visiting a school while on holiday?! I now know why. The Hongkong PolyU's architecture is a work of art - and it should be since it's a design school after all.

I call this place NTU-ADM on steroids. Remember the grey wall I used to love back in school? This school is filled with them. It looks like a massive cruise ship from afar but it's enchanting when you get lost in the maze of grey walls.

I'm so sorry - I just wanna put it out there that "Instagram Pier" is a horrible name. It checks all the boxes of the social media stereotypical IG shot. And THAT'S why we had to go. True enough, there were hoards of people (not so many tourists though?) from cosplayers to uncles shooting young girls there. My favourite part was how light would bounce off the dancing waves during sunset.

We arrived on a pretty gloomy day and thought that sunset wasn't gonna be spectacular... It turned out pretty damn good. Ps - the best light when we were there was at 5.50pm.

I don't have many photos of the area around Hysan Place but I love the energy of this district. It's enchanting at night, especially. There's usually tons of people, shopping, eating, walking, everything. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience if you wanna experience the hustle and bustle of HK.

Can't wait to go back again!


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