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Friday, April 19, 2019

Here's recounting how my experience on the Dream cruise liner during the ClassPass fitness takeover!

My last cruise was back in secondary school with Nette so I had to jump on this opportunity when this fitness takeover onboard a cruise happened. I didn't know what to expect because my impression of cruise takeovers would be something like The Ship where you partied day and night. I'm so thankful I got to clock in 1-2 workout sessions a day on this, all while travelling to nearby countries!

Sunrise and sunsets are the most magical times on the cruise. Annika and I made full use of these precious moments to harass crew members cleaning the ship or fellow passanders to be our photographers. 

I didn't bring my swimsuit to fully enjoy the pool but, helloooo hellooo, the main pool is massive. See the above photo - the colourful tube looking things are actually slides. 

They had a 24/7 snack bar too. A lot of fried food there so I tried my best to stay on the fruits instead. My favourite thing for breakfast was the dyi Muesli + yogurt. There was also a dyi burger station.

Classes happened either in the evenings or mornings. My favourites were when we had the yoga session in the Palm Court which overlooked the vast sunset over the sea. Didn't manage to capture it ('cause y'know - no phones in the studio. Got these shots from the organizers).

We docked at a couple of places - Penang and Langkawi- both of which were my first time enjoying the cities. Penang is filled with amazingggg food while Langkawi is beautiful for their beaches. The photos below were shot while we were docked at Langkawi.

While onboard the cruise, I also was given the privelege to shoot a couple of studios - some because they are ambassador studios for lululemon. My first shoot was with the 2 lovely instructors, Joie and Liz, from WeBarre. They're wearing lululemon's upcoming Spring collection for yoga.

The second studio being Still boxing. That's Jamie wearing our newly launched tank.

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