How it happened

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hello from Greece! Here's me recounting what happened on the evening of the proposal.

Disclaimer: Please pardon my grammar - I'm writing like I'm talking.

It’s definitely no easy feat to plan an overseas proposal but if anyone can do it, it's Dan. He started emailing pretty hotels in Oia, Santorini, with his proposal idea about a month ago. To his surprise, some of them were already booked out.

I thought wrong
Not wanting to accidentally find out something I shouldn't have, I gave Dan full reigns on planning this trip.

I thought he was going to propose in Meteora when we were climbing the monasteries because he was stressing excessively on whether we should rent a car. The day came and it didn't happen - oh well.

How it happened
My second bet was the day of the "fancy dinner".

The afternoon was a long one - ATVing to beaches and the Wine Museum. We had to hurry back to freshen up for dinner because it was in another town.

At 6pm, we had a Mercedes van from Mystique Hotel, waiting for us at our villa. All through the 25 min ride there, I was searching for clues on whether this was it. Dan did not cave for the first time in his life.

Dan was wearing a coat and pants (casual shoutout to Assemble - hehe thanks guys). Sneakily pretending to be cold, I wriggled my hand into his coat pocket to see if a box was in it. Nope, no box.

I also asked him why he looked so stressed. His response was that he was having a headache from the Wine Museum tasting - ok, believable, the car also smelled like smoke.

Our car dropped us off on a cliff in Oia. Going down the stairs to the hotel, I was waddling a little and getting left behind because my feet were killing me from the day.

"Why you so slow ah?" Dan asked as he entered the hotel reception. I didn't see him passing my camera to the hotel staff.

As I reached the hotel reception, Dan took a blindfold from his coat jacket. Dammit - First thing I exclaimed - I HAVE EYELASH EXTENSIONS. I obediently wore the blindfold and within 10 seconds, I concluded that I would do the world no use being blind with my constant string of complaints about my loss of sight.

Being blindfolded in Oia is an ordeal. Have you seen the number of steps? This was a true test of trust. I wish somebody videoed me ranting because I got really creative with my whines.

After what seemed like a million steps up and down, Dan told me to remove the blindfold. I reluctantly cringed as I didn't know how I should react. I took a deep breath. It was cold, where was I?

Taking off the blindfold, we were both standing on a gorgeous terrace overlooking the ocean. There stood a dining table and candles shaped in a heart.

I'm like, ugh, great, what do I do now. I've always dreamt about screaming "NOOOO" and running away when it finally happened (just for fun). Now that I was on a terrace with no place to reenact my plan, I simply stood there, speechless.

Dan went with it. "You're a smart girl lah, so I'm sure you know what's coming."

He reached into his inner coat pocket, and hidden behind his phone, he pulled out a box.

"Will you marry me?"

"No", I said as planned, but continued to take the ring and place it on my ring finger, nevertheless.

Casual does it. It was so casual that the photographer had to get him to pretend to get down on one knee again.

Lol. Ps - Dan and I have agreed not to post any photos of him on 1 knee cuz it's too cliche.

The photographer (we also found out after that she was the manager) gave us a moment to ourselves to get as many shots as possible.

We wished the weather permitted us to have our dinner overlooking the view but it was really cloudy and chilly :( Thankfully, the hotel had a backup plan. They prepared a table setting in a private cave/winery which only opens for special occasions.

The manager led us through a little restaurant. There, tucked away in the corner, was a dimly lit corridor which opened to a romantic cosy cave. Wooden oak table, candlelight, wines - that's where dinner was served in what used to be an old well.

We had a personal waiter/butler for the evening for our 5 courses. It was so surreal.

PS - if you ever have the chance to try this Sauvignon Blanc, please do. It's the fruitiest/sweetest white wine I've ever tried.

We had 5 wines to pair with 5 dishes. Appetizers, fish, beef, greens, chocolate log cake.

We decided not to post anything until the day after because we wanted a blackout period to share the good news with our immediate family and friends. We're still slowly sharing the contents of what happened that evening since we're still on our trip - so bear with us!

In retrospect, standing at the terrace at that moment showed me how much I love this man and who he's become. He's taught me so much, but the most beautiful thing he's shown me is unconditional love.

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  1. Congratulations on your engagement! By any chance, can you help advise how did you do your trip from Delphi to Meteora? Did you book a tour?


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