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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wow, haven't done this in a while!
Here's an updated version of my current skincare routine. I don't usually do skincare roundups often because skincare isn't like makeup where you see instant results. A change in your skincare takes time to see changes (unless you're experiencing an allergic reaction!). 

My skincare routine used to only encompass of 
1 x cleanser
1 x toner
1 x moisturiser
- those were the days.

Fast forward to present day - I've broken my skincare routine down to 3 generic self-care routines, cleansing, masking and moisturising.

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant:
It's a pretty abrasive exfoliant (plainly put, it has a lot of beads) so stay away if you have eczema/overly flaky/sensitive skin. Other than that, it gets right into the dead skin and I love how effective it is.

Three Cleansing Oil:
This melts your makeup and sunscreen right off! Please still use a makeup remover if you have heavy duty foundation/eyemake up.

Three Clearing Foam:
I love how the clearing foam complements the cleansing oil. I would usually use this at the end of the day when sebum has excessively built up. It leaves you feeling squeky clean.

LANCOME Advanced Genifique Hydrogel Melting Mask:
I swear by this product. It's a little on the pricier side but it's a good substitute for a quickie facial. The sheet mask is of high quality - like one of those squishy waterbag cushions. I once tried this on a plane before a photoshoot. It countered the dryness of the air so well and even though I didn't manage to get any sleep, I look refreshed the next morning. I got my packet from DFS ;)

Clarins HydraQuence Cream Mask
I have super dehydrated skin and this is one of the masks that helps with that problem. It's good for sensitive skin and smells really calming too. Somehow, I always find myself slightly fairer after this mask.

fresh Rose Mask
I like to couple this with the Clarins mask for an added boost.

drgl Toner:
This was one of the products that helped soothe my skin when I had an eczema breakout. I usually use it before trying on any new products too! It's light on the skin and absorbs pretty well - definitely a no-fuss product.

LANCOME Advanced Genifique
Omg, I'm starting to realise that Lancome has soon taken over my entire regime hahaha. This bottle of serum is made of the same composites of the Hydrogel Mask (above). I tried a bottle of this for sensitive skin too but that particular one smells a little funky and isn't as effective.

LANCOME Absolue Rose
Was recently introduced this - this is a great product for dehydrated skin like mine. As the name says, it smells like rose. It's creamy textured but absorbs well.

fresh Rose Deep Hydrating sleeping mask
I just started using this! I sleep in air condition and I felt my face looking plumper in the morning. One thing that baffles me is that if I'm supposed to wash off the sleeping mask (above^), and this is made of the same ingredients sorta, why am I wearing this to bed? hahaha #realtalk

LANCOME Light Pearl
I just started using this too but my eyebags usually subside after massaging the concentrate into my skin at night!

(ps sorry for the pixelation. I think I set my canvas size a lil too small but was too lazy to redo it again)

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