Part iii: Where we stayed in Greece

Sunday, June 23, 2019

My holiday accommodation is important to me because it's the place I go to after a long day of exploring. I feel extremely accomplished when I find hidden gems like these. A huge tip I can give travellers to Greece is to book your accomms early. In total, Dan and I paid $400 each for a 12 day holiday, which is pretty reasonable. 

Tried & Tested: Here are some of the airbnbs (and 1 hotel) that we stayed in. I'm only putting the places that we found were above average to outstanding. 

Apartment 1: They have a pull out bed, balcony and roof top to watch sunset.

You can either take the stairs or lift up. The owners will recommend you to go to Bread Shop for breakfast (or was it Bread Factory?) - go.

We were blown away by the hospitality of Soko and his family. He booked us a driver to the airport
This is the 1st apartment we stayed and it's good for 2, comfortably. You sleep on a pull out bed but it's a cozy place with warm showers and welcome biscuits!

We stayed in these 2 apartments:
Apartment 2 - We highly recommend this apartment because it's more spacious. Sadly, we didn't get photos of the place but the photos on the site are true to the accoms. 

By far our favourite place in Meteora. I didn't want to leave.

I loveeee the interior design. Very chic and well planned.

This place is situated in the heart of the city. It's run by a family of 4 with Dimitris heading the communications- super prompt and friendly. We were greeted with tons of local produce - biscuits, bread, jello, fruits. So so happy, especially after a 4 hour train ride from Athens.

For this, we stayed in a hotel because it seemed like all the airbnbs didn't quite cut it. I booked it off because there was an up to 8% cashback via shopback lolll. My only issue with the place is their toilets which don't have ventilation and tends to get a little damp. Other than that, it's a beautiful place for sure.

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