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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I didn't expect to have so much fun on our shoot in Bintan with HerWorldBrides for #CoverBride. Back up - let's reset. Everything flew by in a blink of an eye. I need to catch a breather.

I was targetted by an ad a couple of months back by herworldbrides while I was wedding dress shopping on Instagram. Back then, Dan and I were conceptualising our wedding theme, finalising the venue, trying to get all the details sorted. I was honestly so bummed out by the progress we were making because planning a wedding is so expensive.

I can still remember being in that crowded MRT home when the ad popped up.
"Win an overseas photoshoot and staycation at The Bintan Residence."
I was like. oh let's just do something fun for a change.

Feeling slightly self destructive, I signed us both of for the contest.

#CoverBride contest - for me
#GroomsWeLove contest - for Dan (he didn't know at that time hahaha)

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much but in the last month, Dan and I have been down for at least 4 photo/video shoots and an overseas shoot in Indonesia. What an experience!

Now, we'd like your help:

I'm typically so afraid of studio shoots because the camera adds 20more pounds on you. #insecureaf. I was also on my time of the month so = puffy x100. I was so thankful for the supportive team, and also grego, steve, alvin and michelle for being so nice to work with.

If you head to the voting page, you'd realise that I made another friend, who coincidentally is called Amanda too :)! (missing Stella in the photo)

Wish I managed to take more photos in Bintan or of the experience but we were mostly without our phones... This was one of my favourite evenings at the resort. They set this place up just for us!

So yea, that's our #CoverBride contest journey. I don't have high hopes that we'll win (haha oops) but I'm just so so so so so thankful that we got to experience this together to get our mind off wedding planning for a bit.

Last shameless plug:

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