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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

4 days in Bali is definitely not enough. Dan and I had originally wanted to go to Bali to literally cave in our villa and hibernate but us, being us, decided to take the opportunity to get some content for our wedding too.

We rang my v. talented world traveler photographer cousin, Isaac, to help us with some shots and videos. Us, trio, spent 2 days exploring Canggu cafes, and hiking mountains and waterfalls.

Here's some stuff we did in:

We booked a tour up to Mount Batur. This had a 1.30am call time, where we were picked up from our accommodation and driven to the start point of the hike (1.5hr car ride).

Our journey up started at 3.30am. The hike is usually 2hrs but our guide was really fit (and thought we were too) so we ended up racing up the mountain and completing our journey in 1hr. [not advised. take your time. i was dying]

The view from the top was breathtaking and honestly one of the nicest sunrises I've seen so far. We woke up earlier than usual because sunrise is an hour earlier in Bali than in SG (around 6am).

Note to self: Bring a hiking jacket. It's 14-16 degrees up there.

Food and drinks were provided throughout. Our guide carried bottles of water for us and once we reached the top, he made us some mashed banana with bread, tea and hard-boiled eggs.

Rice fields seem to be on every Bali traveller's itinerary. Naturally, it was on ours because it was Dan's and my first time in Bali.

This was yet another day that we chased sunrise. We reached just after the crack of dawn.

We dropped a little "donation" (that's what they call tips there) to the uncle who owns the rice field in the corner and he allowed us to walk on his fields.

--- Apart from this, we also went to Nung Nung waterfall but I didn't manage to get photos @ it. Recommended visit if you're into climbing for your view ---

After our long hikes, it was only right we wound down with a spa! Coming highly recommended from Fel (and now, me), we dropped by Spring Spa for massages and treatments.

We tried the deep tissue massage, cool as a cucumber treatment, aloe vera bath thing, and scalp treatment. All perfect.

There is a cafe in Bali wherever you turn. Bali cafes have a certain charm. They have the ability to make anything and everything healthy and yummy.

One of my cafe hopping highlights on this trip was @ Penny Lane. Its interior is Moroccan inspired which also gives off the bougie vibes. Great food and not crowded even on a Sunday morning (We were surprised!).

ps - only the restrooms are air-conditioned. Just saying. My only drawback would be the hoard of tourists posing for photos everywhere around the cafe.

This bowl was around SGD9 and my green juice was SGD7. It's affordable for the amount you're paying for.

Hole in the wall coffee place we stopped by after lunch. It's a 2 min walk from Penny Lane.

The Loft is a gorgeous place to be. It has the usual breakfast food, smoothies, coffee. What we really wanted to try was their Nutella latte. It's basically an iced mocha with nutella around the rim of the cup. Other than that, we loved their food presentations and they have an interesting menu too.

Like many other cafes here, I feel like the high ceilings make most cafes look bigger than they are irl haha.

This is honey, where we spent most of our brunches because it's just outside our accommodation. It's slightly off the main street of Canggu so I would only recommend for you to go there if you're looking for a quiet morning away from the city.

Speaking of accommodation...

I raved a little too much over IG about this place so imma keep this short and sweet.

Our humble abode for 4 days. I'm inspired. Love this place to bits. Just slightly out of the way and not in the heart of Canggu.

We didn't rent a bike to travel to places because of our odd number of pax. so GoFood (gojek food) was something we heavily utilised haha. We had Fabbrich Pizza before heading for our Mount Batur hike.

We got to visit the new River House villa which can hold a couple of families!

We'll be back Bali. We'll be back.

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