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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I don't know how this happened but the first month of the year has come and gone. Sometimes I find it difficult to connect with people or even myself because social media, especially Instagram, moves so quickly. It's difficult to document my thoughts and feelings into those short captions. Feels almost superficial.

I decided to put this blog post together because I thought I'd go back on some raw photos I missed out during the month, or recap on some of my favourites.

First of all, as you know, I've been at lululemon for almost 1.5 years now. The one thing we advocate is to create our own vision and goal for the year. Creating a measurable goal for yourself helps to keep you on track.

These are some of my goals for myself in 2020. They mean a lot to me and I'm really excited to start working on the. I'll share why another time!

Life at lululemon has been pretty fun. I get to try out new sweats and be exposed to fun new things like acroyoga. We did a photoshoot with Jiamin, the founder of JYAN yoga (my 2019 lululemon model!!) and Brandon, our Singapore ambassador. It looked so fun that I convinced Dan to accompany me for a class.

I enjoy acroyoga because it really on your communication skills with your partner. It also builds trust.

Checked out a couple of outfits @ the Love, Bonito store before CNY. Also, was really thinking of wearing the second outfit for my prewed. hahaha.

Dropped by Afterall's grand opening this month too. They are a new accessories store by the people at Editor's Market (you get the vibes).

Love the store interior. You can find it at Wisma Atria (basement).

Our weekly runs have taken a life of its own. We've recruited a new runner — my sister. hahaha we usually run evenings along east coast park starting from VJC, running through to Gardens by the bay east. So far, we've done 44mins.

I'm starting to feel a little worried about my knees though. I realised that the left side of my body has been sorta giving way - starting with my left knee, and then my left hip, moving on to my left calve. I would either feel a strain or an uncomfortable slight inflammation. Not sure what this is tbh - if anyone has an inkling please hit me up.

This was an amazing day. It was the first time I experienced a media session by a travel retail brand — Changi Airport/Lancome. Lancome had just opened their first pop up in T3 and had invited a couple of people to an intimate lunch at JW marriot which then we were brought to Changi airport to check it out.

The food was delish. I didn't get tons of good photos at the pop-up but this was a good day. so #thankful for this experience.

You probably would've seen these little dumplings on my IG. So pinterest worthy, if I might say so myself (haha). It was inspired by the scene where the family in Crazy Rich Asians was wrapping dumplings. Do people actually do this in SG? I can well imagine how good a bonding session it would be.

Props to Monica for thinking of this idea!

[Tip: Count the number of times I ootd at this wall. It's directly equivalent to the no. of times I visit my grandma #filial hahaha] 

There's a lot I want to pen down my thoughts about (like the woes of wedding planning argh) but I needa find some time to breathe and reflect.

Till next month!

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