5 Derp Moments

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Despite common beliefs, Dan and I are the goofiest people on earth. 
Here are 6 instances on our big day that prove so.

#1 When we're told to give the camera a good pose ^

#2 We promised each other to do this when "you may now kiss the bride" happened.

#3 That face when we were made to drink wine during communion at 10am in the morning.

#4 That moment when he realises it's all going south from here on

#5 That moment when cake comes into the picture

Thank you Felicia for these perfectly captured moments!
More (proper) photos to come soon (haha).

Branding Adelia
Hair & make up by Candy from a2imakeup
Gown from The Ivory
Photos by iki company
Suit from Brooks Brothers
Wedding Co-ordinator - Wedding Concepteur
Wedding Stylist - Medkarlek Inc

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