Staycation: Lloyd's Inn [The Patio Room]

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

We went a little off-the-grid last weekend for a mini staycation at Lloyd's Inn over the National Day Weekend. This was a good enough option for respite since we still can't travel out of Singapore for a honeymoon. 

This is our second time back at Lloyd's Inn. 

It's nice to know that we've officially made it one full circle - with our first ever staycation together (about 5 years ago) being here too. We booked the Patio room this time.

We had the luxury of a bathtub this time! So... we had to buy bathbombs (haha)

Heading out to date night. We booked a seat at Blue Label Pizza!

Dan and I made a list for date nights and we're slowly trying to check them all off. 
Blue label pizza has been on our list of pizza places to try for awhile now!

We ordered their speciality, J-Dog, which was the meatiest pizza on the menu. I'm not a big meat eater (I love my veggies), but this pizza was legit. It's pretty flavourful and a little heavy for 2 people to finish (we're always up for a challenge).

Menu for reference ^
We ordered a side of Brussels sprout salad too which was a good palette cleanser.
Ordered 1 drink each from the cocktail menu. I feel like we should've done the wine instead.
We wanted to head off for another drink but, boy, are Singapore bars PACKED these days. We walked all the way from Ann Siang to Keong Siak to a speakeasy (The Old Man) and it was fully filled at 8pm.

The next day's look ^

More in-room vibes

I honestly wish my future home looks like this. If, and when, we get a BTO.
PS: This is our 9th try now. Someone help.

I had to snap some shots of my poster boy for Muji. Dan's been obsessed with linen, in general. Linen tops, linen bottoms, linen dresses (mine), and even linen bedsheets. 

We had some time to kill before our spa date a Fullerton Hotel so I brought Dan to try his first matcha @ Hvala. Which, BTW, was @ both outlets, fully packed with school kids on a school day too. I did not comprehend.

Lloyd's had our daily breakfast covered at Artisan Boulangerie Co, which Dan had so kindly went to pick up our croissants. We also got a yummy delivery of scones from Good Morning Scones for breakfast that day.

What a way to spend the National Day Weekend.


Ps: Thanks Lloyd's inn for having us.

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